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Poster: Halidex Date: Mar 25, 2010 5:27am
Forum: netlabels Subject: The Snow Girl [cyc-037] Released on Cyclene

The Snowgirl has two parts. The first part is a bass-heavy, slightly fluctuating drone punctuated by strange synthesizer noises and samples. The second part is more on the noise side, with filtered guitar sounds and more samples. The whole constitutes a kind of portrait of this "Snowgirl," influenced by Dada and Futurist art, as well as Marcia Bassett (from Double Leopards and Zaпmph).

Artist Bio:
Anastasia Vronski is a musician from Russia. She plays many instruments and uses them to create evocative drone and noise works. Most of her tracks illustrate a strong emotional theme. She has released three pieces already: The Spell (Date With A Corpse); The Drowner (Electro-Rucini) and The Blaze (Not Final Dot). She favours free net-releases because that is how she discovered this music and believes it should be accessible to all.